Animal Lost and Found 

We come across many lost dogs or cats on the streets, who are new to the area and are looking for their family. Many of these are pet animals who have run away or escaped from their homes and cannot find their way back. Some are abandoned by their families due to various reasons. The pets who are missing, if correctly published by their families, can be reunited with them. Especially with pedigree breeds it is very easy to spot and identify. However, the mixed or indie breeds who are like the strays are very hard to find.

What and How we Manage Lost and Found Cases?

WhatsApp and Facebook groups and pages come in handy when trying to locate missing pets. We have had many happy reunions thanks to social media. To avoid such missing or lost pet occurrences, we strongly recommend keeping pet dogs on leash when outside the house and keeping cats and smaller pets in secure carriers when out of the house or in the car.

Care for Abandon Pets

The abandoned pets suffer a lot on the streets and need to be rescued. If the pets are old or ill, they are kept in a shelter for treatment. If they are not adopted, they continue their final days there.
The stray animals who are relocated or travel far from their territory have a really hard time. Mostly they are rejected by the animals and even humans of the new area, they face fights and attacks and severe starvation. If they are found by luck, volunteers take them to their original territory, but it may not always happen.
The mixed or indie breeds have a tough time whether they are lost pets or relocated strays. Very few people come forward to adopt them, if they have any behaviour problems due to trauma, they are returned, and many times end up on the roads permanently. In such cases, volunteers try to keep them fed and secure at the new location.



'Simba' is missing since yesterday (15th Jan). Please inform us if you see her anywhere. Shruti Dimble- B 105, Shukratara Apartment, opposite P.l Deshpande garden , Sinhagad rd , Pune

Report if you find

New Pup

A very friendly furry black female is seen roaming on sinhgad road from last two - three months. Recently I saw her near my society while I was on sterilization drive. she is now sterilized and is with foster. We just wish to see if she is a pet dog or a stray who is having any feeder.

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Owner Found

Lhasa Pup

This Lhasa pup was found abandon/lost near Katraj/Ambegaon. He was left in a basket. One kind lady took him home and reported case to SAWCT. With a lot of efforts, we were able to find his parents and handed him over to them after through verification. He was stolen pup.

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